Dine in an Unique Experience at the Spot of Tea in Mobile


Midday hunger cravings? Make your way to 310 Dauphin Street, where you will find Spot of Tea. This unique eatery has a welcoming neighborhood vibe and is designed with a number of rooms to suit all functions. Open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, the aim is to serve people living in or near our apartments in West Mobile with the finest sandwiches, … [Read more...]

Wake Up With Yoga at the Mobile Museum of Art


Better flexibility and a calmer state of mind are just two of the numerous benefits associated with the ancient practice of Yoga. This low-impact exercise offers a host of health benefits for people of all ages and abilities, so why not perfect your poses? Located a 23-minute drive from your West Mobile apartment on¬†4850 Museum Drive is the Mobile Museum of … [Read more...]

Lay Out a Quick and Healthy Breakfast at Your Woodside Apartment


More energy, a higher metabolism, a bunch of vitamins - there are numerous reasons to eat a nutritious breakfast every morning. If you have a busy working day ahead and want to stay full until lunch, why not whip something up inside our luxury apartments in West Mobile? Our plush rental spaces feature a breakfast bar, where you can enjoy a light bite while … [Read more...]

Hear the Best Music in Mobile at Veets


When you choose to eat out, it's important that you select a restaurant that's right for the occasion. One that offers casual dining in an upbeat environment is Veets Bar & Grill. Situated a 13-minute drive from our apartments near downtown Mobile at 66 South Royal Street, this favored hangout destination has a lively, friendly atmosphere, making it … [Read more...]

Try Some of These Summer Pool Games at Our Woodside Apartment Pool!


Swimming is a great all-around exercise that targets most of the muscle groups, relieves stress and helps trim the waistline. Aside from doing front stroke, breast stroke and back stroke in the water, why not have fun playing games? When you rent a Mobile apartment at our community you can play the following swimming pool games with friends, family and … [Read more...]