Stop in at Zea for a Great Meal in Mobile


Not everyone is skilled in the culinary department and if you prefer getting your meals prepared for you, be sure to take a seat at Zea Rotisserie & Grill. This business is situated on 4671 Airport Boulevard and specializes in traditional American fare. It was founded in 1997, seven years after chefs/owners Hans Limburg, Gary Darling and Greg Reggio met … [Read more...]

Stick to the Arts With Adult Classes in Mobile This Spring


Our apartments near downtown Mobile appeal to everyone, because they are only a short distance from many businesses, attractions and social hubs. If you consider yourself a quirky individual and want to unearth that creative talent, visit the Centre for the Living Arts. A wide range of workshops and classes are on offer for all skill levels at this center, … [Read more...]

Puppy Bathing in Mobile? Keep the Wet Dog Smell Down With These Tips


Many pet owners are baffled when they give Fido a good scrub in the bath, only to discover that his/her coat still reeks afterwards. This is a common problem and the main reason for it is because some breeds are more odorous than others. Foul smells could also indicate an underlying skin condition, or may just be a temporary wet dog smell! If you plan on … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Musical Comedy “Pump Boys and Dinettes” in Mobile This Spring


What do you have planned on May 9 - 11 and 16 -18? If you have some time to spare on at least one of these days, spend it at the Mobile Theatre Guild, because this is when Pump Boys and Dinettes can be enjoyed. Since 1950, the Mobile Theatre Guild has been entertaining the people of the Gulf Coast. This venue provides artists with a creative outlet, and … [Read more...]

Make It a Date at “The Bull” in Downtown Mobile


Enjoying regular date nights is a great way to keep the romantic spark alive. If you are new to our apartments near downtown Mobile and want to find recommended dining spots for those all-important candlelit dinners, pull up a seat at "The Bull." This restaurant can be found on 609 Dauphin Street, which is in a thriving part of the upper Dauphin … [Read more...]